Sunday, May 19, 2019


Our roots run deep throughout the entire state of West Virginia. Even in places in this great state where we’ve never played before we expect to feel at home when we start to play and spread Rock & Roll to our fellow mountaineers.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Greens' Killer Salve Project aka Photo Balm

Thrilled to have worked with Solomon's Mountain Miracle on a special "photo balm" session. Groan, I know, but now we have balm and they took a nice set of press photos for us. Kaboom - photo balm!

Here's a peek at the lovely presentation of some new tins of this magical stuff, now for sale at The Greens' merch table. The Greens' Killer Salve!

The Greens have used this salve personally, and it's a pretty amazing thing. It's a true all-purpose product and it's 100% natchy.

Pick up some salve next time you're on the dance floor and find yourself... ahem... a little chafed. 

Oh, the photos! Here's a couple samples of the work Solomon's did for us that day. Truly impressed by how this session turned out.

Check out their FB page here and leave them a note saying how cool they are. Cuz they are, and you are too if you're reading this 😃

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The Greens have been thinking a lot about this great state of West Virginia we call home. So many important and formative things have happened as we’ve played over the years, and every single WV city we’ve played has had a special role in making us who we are today.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Floyd’s 4/20 Gathering 

New festival alert!

We played Appalachian Mtn Flame Off for Tom last year at Silver Lake Park in beautiful Eglon WV. This year we return to the park to play Floyd Cowger’s 4/20 Gathering!
We are co-headlining this event with known-to-be-badass group Optimus Riff. They’ll hit the stage Saturday while we headline Friday night from 8-10pm.
Last time Floyd wanted The Greens to play at his gathering, we were unable. This year we ALMOST were unable but Floyd got us a day/time that jives. Looking forward to being part of this special weekend!
$30 entry for all weekend
Friday April 19 @ 8-10pm is The Greens set
Silver Lake Park in Eglon WV