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The Greens: playing together since 2002, this trio is a WV music scene institution and continues to rock Appalachia and beyond! At all types of venues, they provide an undeniable fun time for music lovers, and have earned a reputation of delivering simply great songs for people. With Andrew Tuck (guitar/lead vocals) Ben Sweeney (bass/vocals) and Nathan Yoke (drums/vocals) this experienced and versatile outfit has played more than 100+ shows a year, but currently focuses on fewer better shows alongside scene development, music production, and multi-group collaborative efforts.

Composing original material that audiences can sing along with and dance to, The Greens guarantee phenomenal performances, getting the crowds into it and making the magic happen! An expanding and enthusiastic fan base is sure to grow whenever this band takes the stage. The Greens play the Blues and Rock and Soul and Funk and a little Country, and then mix it all together in a new unique way! How can music taste so delicious?!

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"The Greens has a powerful rock, funk and soul-influenced sound which is sure to have the audience up and dancing." -Nicole Yanovsky, The Daily Athenaeum

"The intense bass licks are enough to duel with the guitar and give The Greens a very original sound." -Brad Tennant, The Daily Athenaeum

"Why The Greens out of Morgantown aren’t already a household name is beyond me. Yes, they’re a little schizophrenic, incorporating everything from good ol’ bluegrass undertones to 60s hippie rock and a little 90s grunge. But what The Greens lack in consistency they certainly make up for in substance." - Erin O'Neill, Graffiti Magazine

"Their songs had big instrumental build-ups played with impressive speed that got the crowd dancing. Loyal fans in the front of the dance floor were blown away by The Greens' powerful rhythms." -Rebecca Lebherz, The Daily Athenaeum

"...The Greens [have] been described by other people as a "good-time party band," but...the band is also original and multifaceted, drawing influences and inspiration from many other bands and styles of music." - Marietta Times

"The Greens, comprised of guitarist Andrew Tuck, Ben Sweeney on bass and percussionist Nathan Yoke, is a bluesy amalgamation of throwback rock 'n' roll ... This isn't to say their sound isn't unique. When you listen to The Greens, you don't feel like you're listening to anyone else. They take the old styles and mix them up into a sound that is anything but 'old.' " -Teri Parlett, The Daily Athenaeum

"One sandal in Parkersburg and the other in Morgantown...popular live shows ...Tuck's songs run the gamut." "Toe-tappin' groove...fun, good-hearted spirit" - Graffiti Magazine

"In truth, vocalist Ben Sweeney brought to mind the late Brad Nowell of Sublime with his rhythmic crooning. Drummer Nathan Yoke was also a standout. He was seemingly always busy driving things forward and filling in the cracks with grooving fills." -Josh Ewers, The Daily Athenaeum

"Morgantown, West Virginia’s The Greens have been rockin’ Appalachia ... with an intriguing blend of Rock, Soul and Boogaloo. Andrew Tuck, Ben Sweeney and Nathan Yoke have formed an incredibly tight band over time that is always producing new material." -Wildy's World

"It's a very deeply blues and jazz influenced rock music ... or earth funk party songs." -Chris Moore, The Daily Athenaeum

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