Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rock 'n Roll 'n Game!

The Greens playing shows in arcades?

We're looking for some ideas on places to potentially play shows that also host arcade machines and pinball tables as a bit of a themed/promo tour:

*  Music venues that are also arcades
*  Bars that are also arcades that host shows
*  Arcades that host shows/special events
*  Festivals that feature music and games

This is just an idea we are working on. We have found a few music venues that specifically advertise themselves as music bar/arcade establishments, but in order to feasibly tour and play at these locations, we're going to need to fill in a lot of gaps.

Are you an arcade owner with the right facility to host a rock show? Barcade proprietor with a penchant for live original music? Agent for a gaming festival? We want to hear from you!

It will take a lot of planning to put together something like this, so we're taking thoughts early to see if this is something we can really do. It just so happens that one of the members of The Greens is a competitive video gamer who participates in multiple live and online tournaments each year in the venue of classic arcade and console gaming. Perhaps there will be some record-setting going on at these shows as well...