Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Need Your Vote!

Summer Camp Music Festival is doing their On The Road tour to find the best regional bands to add to their 2017 lineup.

Next stop is 123 Pleasant St and we are one of six acts vying for a spot on this year's lineup.

We need your vote! This battle of the bands will prove to be one hell of a party as well as one hell of a competition. Come out this Saturday to support your local Appalachian Rock 'n Roll supplier The Greens!

This battle will be decided by actual votes, not an Applause-o-meter and not by a panel of judges. Your support means the world to us. 

Major props to Summer Camp for even doing this kind of thing. No matter what happens they have our respect and support! 

Please come out and help us take our unique brand of Earth Funk Party Songs and Neo-Classic Rock Soul Boogaloo to Summer Camp Music Festival 2017!