Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Artstrings - A New Supergroup Has Formed

Some of you may have seen a couple special shows that The Greens have done in collaboration with 18 Strings under the performance name Tuck & The Heart Strings. We love this project and it gets both bands together playing what is an eclectic set of voicings playing all your Greens favorites.

Tuck & The Heart Strings is now officially known as Artstrings.

18 Strings (who you should know by now - they've been playing all over for a while now) is Andy on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Chris on mandolin, and Greg on upright bass. They've been playing restylized versions of Andy's excellent song work, along with some new songs all their own, and it's a great experience to go see them live. Chris' wife also sings vocals and it's really a nice velvety set of layers that they all put together on stage.

Artstrings takes the 18 Strings lineup and adds Ben and Nathan into the mix. Nathan plays percussion and sings backup vocals, and Ben plays banjo most of the time with some 12 string guitar or piano mixed in. What makes this such a unique set of voicings is this - there are more instruments on stage than there are musicians. Chris is a masterful piano player and he gets the opportunity to hop on the boards whenever he wants. Greg can really wail on the harmonica, which gives Ben a chance to back him up on bass guitar. This is the first project that The Greens has been part of where there's truly a fluid lineup on stage. We all will drift in and out on whatever instrument tickles our fancy for each song, and that adds a whole new element to the flow we have on stage.

Artstrings online presence is about to be released once some red tape is handled. We are really happy about this project and hope that it will support both The Greens and 18 Strings.

*whispers in secret voice*: Artstrings is somewhat of a "secret" project that could pop up on location where 18 Strings or The Greens are booked. Please stay close to our social media to know when the next Artstrings show is happening near you.